Prairie Bus Lines WILL NOT be able to employ anyone with the following:

  •  Impaired driving charge
  •  Any criminal charges or convictions (i.e. narcotics, assault, fraud etc.)
  • Less than 5 years of driving experience
  •  Has a probationary or graduated license
  •  Over 3 demerit points on the license
  •  Under the age of 21 


  1. Do Not purchase a Drivers Abstract until requested to do so.
  2. Read carefully BEFORE submitting your Application
  3. You will receive copy of your application via email.

Health problems related to heart, hearing, eyesight, diabetes, or other physical impediment may restrict your ability to obtain the required Class 2 License.

Health issues such as these need clearance prior to your interview with Prairie Bus Lines. Please phone the Government of Alberta Medical Review Board at (toll free) 310-0000 and then dial 780-427-8230 to reach a representative from that department. You can start your application process by clicking on the button below: APPLY HERE