Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined as “measures that provide managers with the most important performance information to enable them and their stakeholders to understand the performance level of an organization.” At PBL, we balance financial and operational performance, blending our Core Values with the Balanced Scorecard to encourage continual improvement and innovation.

Our KPIs are directly connected to our Core Values, and at the top of our Core Values is safety. Here are Pacific Western’s KPIs:

  1. Preventable Collisions
  2. Non-Preventable Collisions
  3. Driver Violations
  4. Total Employees
  5. Resignations/Terminations
  6. Employee Turnover
  7. Breakdown/Late
  8. Workers Compensation Board – Incidents
  9. Workers Compensation Board – Lost Days
  10. Customer Complaints

Together, our KPIs tell ourselves and customers how well we’re doing in delivering “Safety with Service.”