Safety Statement

Prairie Bus Lines Ltd. is committed to the protection of all its resources including employees, contractors and physical assets from accidental loss.
This commitment to protect is a management responsibility! To provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements. It is the personal responsibility of each Manager (Supervisor; Foreman; Lead Hand/Mechanic) to ensure:

  1. That Safety “The Prevention of Loss” is a priority
  2. That overall goals and objectives are that Safe work procedures are developed and followed
  3. That responsibilities of Managers, Supervisors, Workers and Contractors, regarding health and safety are a priority.
  4. Compliance with applicable Government regulations and legislation is adhered to.
  5. That a high standard of housekeeping is maintained.

To achieve maximum productivity without incidents, it is the personal responsibility of each manager, regardless of level, to ensure that employees and/or contractors under their direction have received adequate orientation and training in proper work procedures and that they are followed. It is the further responsibility of each manager to ensure that all related regulations are enforced.
Each employee and/or contractor is responsible for using proper work procedures at all times and to observe all related regulations. Furthermore, each employee and/or contractor is responsible for supporting and assisting the Safety Program towards achieving the “SAFELY HOME” goal.