is our first Core Value, and at the heart of all we do

Safety at Prairie Bus Lines

Safety is our first Core Value, informing and guiding everything we do. Protecting the safety of our people and the passengers is the most important thing we do every day. Our commitment to world-class safety practices extends to all of the locations in which we operate. Under the direction of our Vice President of Safety, as well as our Safety Directors, safety consciousness is fully integrated into daily business practices, processes, and decisions. We continually strive to elevate our safety performance year after year.

We have a number of initiatives that reinforce our daily commitment to safety excellence:

  • Safely Home – The unifying brand for the Pacific Western Group of Companies, rooted in the idea that every action or decision is centered around getting ourselves and passengers Safely Home.
  • Bus & Coach Training Centre – Prairie Bus Lines center for training excellence leads the industry. We have federally approved programs, skilled instructors, and extensive training on safety practices.
  • Mobile Training Unit – Safe driving techniques are at the core of Pacific Western’s state-of-the-art simulated driver training technology.
  • Key Performance Indicators – These are guidelines are used to measure the overall performance of our operations, including but not limited to safety.
  • Annual Safety Conference – A yearly symposium to exchange and brainstorm best practices.

Together, these initiatives ensure that every employee takes personal responsibility for safety.

Safety Benchmarks:


Prairie Bus Lines has maintained its Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) since 2007. We have partnered with the Alberta Motor Transport Association and undergo stringent yearly Occupational Health & Safety and National Safety Codes audits.

Prairie Bus Lines has also been a member of Partners in Compliance (PIC) since 2010.

These programs are important instruments in ensuring a Safe Workplace by preventing injuries and collisions. Prairie is proud to have a an excellent rating with Safety Fitness and Monitoring.  Prairie Bus Lines is recognized as an industry leader by our government agencies, our contractors, our customers, our employees, and our communities.