SAFELY HOME  has always been an underling belief of how the Pacific Western Group of companies and Prairie Bus Lines chose to operate. When it was decided to make SAFELY HOME a complementary brand alongside all 27 different corporate entities, the co-ordination, design, selection and trademark process took almost 3 years.

The SAFELY HOME journey of growth, change and collaboration continues and we are proud to announce that our brands within PWT are now uniquely bonded with SAFELY HOME. While we own the trademark, there are legal conditions for display. These conditions are in our newly released brand standards documents. Only Pacific Western bus and coach companies are permitted to use SAFELY HOME on their equipment, stationery and signage.

  • In all four lines of business, for every employee, passenger and member of the commuting public we know that the most important thing we do, each day, is ensure we ALL get SAFELY HOME.
  • SAFELY HOME is a commitment, embraced by our people, in all their decisions and actions.
  • SAFELY HOME is about sharing in the pride we have of the people who are the PWT group of companies.
  • SAFELY HOME is about caring for the communities where the PWT group of companies operates.
  • SAFELY HOME supports the PWT core values developed by our founder, R.B. Colborne with Safety as our top priority.

SAFELY HOME is integral to the corporate mission statement of the Pacific Western group of companies:

“Our mission is to exceed customer expectations by employing talented people who share in the dedication of a company committed to Safety with Service”